Construction Updates

Written on 01/14/2023
Jonathan Moore

Initial site work has been completed. The slab is poured. The steel has been delivered... construction has begun @ FBCCH! Check here for building updates.



July 27: Asphalt resurfacing begins today.

July: Finishing work is in progress (flooring, door hanging, painting, electrical, sound & lighting, etc.)

June: Project completion is estimated for August 2023. 

May 3: Members time capsule the new addition by writing scripture verses and prayers over the stage floor and stud walls.

May 1: Stage construction continues. Electrical, plumbing, and sound installations have started.  

April 25: Stage construction has begun. 

April 14: Interior framing is 95% complete. Classrooms both up stairs and downstairs, including the choir room, multipuropse rooms, and stairs are framed. The stage will be framed following initial electrical and duct work,  and some cabling which should begin in the coming days.

March 23: Interior wall framing of the lower level is almost complete. Door headers are finished for the bottom floor. Steel work to secure the walking track and connect it to the upper level hallways are beginning.

March 16: Interor walls are going up! Framing has begun.

March 8: Preparations for interior framing has begun. Construction of the temporary (divider) wall will begin tomorrow (March 9). This will also include a temporary HVAC system to help regulate temperature control and allow for us to continue meeting for worship in the existing facility during the demolition stage.

March 2: Construction on the temporary, divider wall will begin Monday, March 6. This will allow us to conintue meeting in our current worship space (with the loss of some seating) without the need to relocate.  Once the wall is in place, demolation of the existing (exterior) wall will begin which will include removing the section of the upstairs walking track.  Framing of the new edition will begin at this point. Contractors believe framing could be completed by the end of March. See Progress Here

February 19: A temporary, interior wall be constructed in the coming days. This will allow work to continue without the need to move our services to an offsite location. 

February 10: We have exterior walls! The steel has been erected and now walls are going up. We should be in the dry in the next week or so and then interior framing will begin. 

January 15: Steel is delivered and construction to erect the building is scheduled to begin this week.

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